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Manufacturer: Showa
A lightweight Butyl rubber glove that provides the chemical resistance of heavier and bulkier styles to protect from exposure to hazardous materials, including gases, aldehyde's, and ketone's. Best Butyl II glove provides the ultimate combination of protection and dexterity. Designed specifically with the unique needs of the Haz Mat professional in mind, Best Butyl II's cuff fits all Haz Mat suits. In addition, Butyl II is unlined with a textured finish for better grip and handling. Check for Chemical Resistant Data on The Butyl II and other Best® gloves.

Product Styles

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GL874-09 Best Butyl II 14-mil,14in. LG $24.00 / pair
GL874-10 Best Butyl II 14-mil,14in. XL $24.00 / pair