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Manufacturer: MSA
Skullgard 475395 Hard Hat by MSA features heavy-duty construction for use as head protection in steel mills and other heavy industries where elevated temperatures are common. Skullgard Hard Hats meet or exceed the applicable requirements for a Type 1 helmet (top impact) as outlined in ANSI Z89.1 1994, Class G (electrical- low voltage) (formerly Class A). Failure to comply with the above will reduce the energy- absorbing ability of the protective helmet, which can result in serious injury or death.

Skullgard Hard Hat comes complete with Fas-Trac ratchet suspension that fits head size from 6½ to 8.

Looking for the Skullgard Full Brim Hard Hat?

Product Styles

Qty. Item # Description Price
HDMSA475395 MSA Skullgard Hard Hat $110.00 each
HDMSA473334 MSA Skullgard Replacement Suspension $18.00 each