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Manufacturer: Master Lock
Master Lock Rotating Gate Valve Lockouts with outward/inward rotation allows for easier installation & storage.


  • Surrounds the valve operating handle. Protects against accidental valve opening
  • Unique outward rotation allows for easier installation in confined space applications
  • Each size rotates into itself to fit effectively into safety tool boxes
  • Each size nests within the next larger size to save space in storage
  • Up to 4 workers can apply their personal safety locks
  • Red lockout color identifies the safety lockout application
  • Complete with high-visibility permanent safety labels (Eng., Fr. & Sp.) that can be written on to identify the responsible person, then erased for the next job
  • Tough, lightweight, dielectric Xenon thermoplastic bodies withstand chemicals; perform effectively in extreme conditions (temperature range -50ºF (-46ºC) to +350ºF
  • Product Styles

    Qty. Item # Description Price
    LOM480 Master Lock Gate Valve 1" to 3" $12.00 / each
    LOM481 Master Lock Gate Valve 2" to 5" $18.00 / each
    LOM482 Master Lock Gate Valve 4\"-6½\" $24.00 each
    LOM483 Master Lock Gate Valve 6" to 10" $32.00 each
    LOM484 Master Lock Gate Valve 8" to 13" $65.00 each