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Manufacturer: Justrite
Flammable Waste Cabinet is ideal for temporary on-site accumulation and storage of waste liquids. The vertical drum flammable waste cabinet safely store waste awaiting pickup and disposal. Spacious size accommodates drums equipped with safety funnels. Each cabinet includes a handy half-depth shelf for additional storage. Large warning label on outside doors identifies contents "Fllammable Waste-Keep Fire Away".


8962053 8962253
  • Color-White
  • Color-White
  • Capacity-1 55 Gallon Vertical Drum
  • Capacity-1 55 Gallon Vertical Drum
  • Shelve(s)-1
  • Shelve(s)-1
  • Doors 2 Manual Closing
  • Doors 2 Self Closing
  • Weight-405/184 (lbs/kgs)
  • Weight-406/185 (lbs/kgs)
  • Dimensions-65"x34"x34"
  • Dimensions-65"x34"x34"
  • Approvals-FM,N,O
  • Approvals FM,N,O,U
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    Product Styles

    Qty. Item # Description Price
    FEJ8962053 1 55 gal.Cabinet 2 Manual Doors $995.00 each
    FEJ8962253 1 55 gal.Cabinet 2Self Close Drs $1115.00 each
    FEJ8991053 2 55 gal.Cabinet 2 Manual Doors $1850.00 each