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Manufacturer: Justrite
Justrite Dip Tanks are useful for cleaning parts and sub assemblies where the volume of work dose not warrant the use of a larger rinse tank. They are easily moved to accommodate changing production requirements. Dip Tanks have manually operated covers which stay open for convenient access. Covers are equipped with a self closing mechanism and fusible link which melts at 165ºF to snap the cover shut in case of fire. Constructed of 24-gauge coated steel, cans are finished in a durable powder paint for long life.

Product Styles

Qty. Item # Description Price
FEJ27601 1 Gal. Steel Dip Tank $60.00 each
FEJ27602 2 Gal. Steel Dip Tank $62.00 each
FEJ27603 3½ Gal. Steel Dip Tank $75.00 each
FEJ27605 5 Gal. Steel Dip Tank $78.00 each
FEJ27615 5 Gal. Dip Tank w/HDPE Liner $206.00 each
FEJ27608 8 Gal. Steel Dip Tank $89.00 each