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Manufacturer: Marmac
Chainbreakers chain saw chaps are designed and manufactured in accordance with the American Pulpwood Association. Standard leg protection for chain saw users 92-A-12. Chainbreakers Chain Saw Chaps with extra leg length and flared width exceed the APA class A minimum requirements, providing added coverage not found in other brands. Generous sizing and adjustable belting ensure ultimate protection from the critical bladder/groin area down to the top of the foot. The advanced protection of Chainbreakers Chain saw Chaps begins with its interior fabric. Composed of a superior nylon chain breaking material and designed for bi-directional release, this high performance material offers greater breaking power with almost half the layers required of other braking materials. The result is lighter, less bulky pad for more comfortable protection. Chainbreakers Chain saw Chaps outer layer is constructed of 1000 denier DuPont Cordura® nylon specially treated with a Teflon® coating to repel oil, water and dirt. This tough outer shell helps defend against penetrating rips and tears from thorns and heavy underbrush. Loggers protection.

Size measured from waist down to top of boot.

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