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Manufacturer: Haws
Haws 9001 emergency alarm system is an alarm and light activated by a flow switch when an emergency shower or eyewash is in operation to summon help. Recommended for use in noisy or remote locations.

The lashing amber light is UL Listed and CSA approved. The audible alarm has an intermittent signal rated at 90 db at 10 feet. Alarm voltage is AC, 120 volts, 50 or 60 cycle, single phase. Flow switch is AC, 125/250V, 5 amps, single pole, double throw, watertight, UL Listed and CSA approved. Model 9001 must be located on the water supply line in the horizontal position at least 6" from any bend or tee. Model 9001 can be mounted to pipe or to wall with optional wall bracket provided. Supply 1-1/4" IPS.

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