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Manufacturer: Gateway Safety
Starlite safety glasses are an extremely lightweight, low-cost protective eye wear that offers excellent all-around impact protection. The desirable design of the Starlite safety glass combines a sleek, compact appearance with rugged durability. Starlite safety glasses offer ultra lightweight wear ability and superior optical quality. Starlite safety glasses also feature a snug-fitting, wrap-around body that provides improved impact protection around the eyes. The fashionable design of Starlite appeals to both men and women, helping to ensure worker acceptance.

Meets or exceeds ANSI Z87.1 standard.

  • 130mm Size
  • 100% Polycarbonate
  • Product Styles

    Qty. Item # Description Price
    SGG4683 Gateway Starlite w/Gray lens $2.50 / pair
    SGG467M Gateway Starlite w/Gold Mirror Lens $2.95 / pair
    SGG466M Gateway Starlite w/Mocha Mirror Lens $2.95 / pair
    SGG461M Gateway Starlite w/Red Mirror Lens $2.95 / pair
    SGG4680 Gateway Starlite w/Clear Lens $1.75 / pair
    SGG468M Gateway Starlite w/Silver Mirror lens $2.95 / pair
    SGG469M Gateway Starlite w/Blue Mirror lens $2.95 / pair
    SGG460M Gateway Starlite Indoor/Outdoor lens $2.50 / pair
    SGG4675 Gateway Starlite w/Yellow Lense $2.50 / pair
    SGG4676 Gateway Starlite w/Pacific Blue $2.50 / pair
    SGG4664 Gateway Starlite 3.0 IR/UV Lens, Not A Reader Lens $5.50 / pair
    SGG4666 Gateway Starlite 5.0 IR/UV Lens, Not Reader Lens $5.50 / pair
    SGG4679 Gateway Starlite Clear Anti-Fog $2.00 / pair
    SGG4687 Gateway Starlite Mocha Anti-Fog $2.25 / pair