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Manufacturer: Justrite
Oily waste cans are essential whenever solvent cloths and wiping rags are used. The Oily Waste cans remains closed when not in use. When operated by hand or foot lever opening device, the waste can cover opens up at an angle of not more than 60ยบ and closes automatically when released. Oily waste cans feature round construction and elevated bottom to encourage circulation of air around can to disperse heat and prevent spontaneous combustion. Oily Waste Cans one-piece cover facilitates the use of collection bags. Several size oily waste cans are available in both hand and foot operated models. Oily Waste cans are available in other colors.


  • 09200 FM Approved
  • 09100 FM & UL Approved
  • 09300 FM & UL Approved
  • 09500 FM & UL Approved
  • 09700 FM & UL Approved

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  • Product Styles

    Qty. Item # Description Price
    FEJ09200 2 gal. Countertop Oily Waste Can $74.00 each
    FEJ09100 6 Gal. Oily Waste Can, Foot Red $82.00 each
    FEJ09300 10 Gal. Oily Waste Can, Foot Red $94.00 each
    FEJ09500 14 Gal. Oily Waste Can, Foot Red $106.00 each
    FEJ09700 21 Gal. Oily Waste Can Foot Red $158.00 each