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Manufacturer: Justrite
Propane Tank Cylinder Storage Locker offers safe, secure storage for all high pressure compressed LPG ( Propane ) containers. Tamper resistant, all welded, heavy gauge aluminum construction resists corrosive elements when stored outside. Wire mesh sides allow for quick visual inspection of the propane cylinders and prevents dangerous build-up of any flammable gases. Compliance with NFPA 58 code for LPG storage and OSHA 1910.110. Handles both 20 and 33 lb. cylinders.

  • Heavy .081 non- sparking aluminum construction is 58% thicker than others for added security.
  • Heavier gauge aluminum mesh and extruded (not bent) frame add rigidity.
  • Sloped roof design sheds water and ice.
  • Aluminum construction resists abusive outdoor elements. Won't rust, discolor or corrode.
  • Cylinders stay clear of ground with heavy duty rack or strong floor plate on vertical storage locker.
  • Designed to accept padlock to prevent unauthorized use.
  • Pre- drilled holes at each corner accepts 1/2" anchor bolt for maximum security and stability.
  • Ships fully assembled saving set-up time and money!


  • Stores 4 - 20 or 30 lb. cylinders
  • Dimensions 30"W x 33"H x 32"D


  • Stores 6 - 20 or 30 lb. cylinders
  • Dimensions 30"W x 49"H x 32"D


  • Stores 8 - 20 or 30 lb. cylinders
  • Dimensions 30"W x 60"H x 32"D


  • Stores 12 - 20 or 30 lb. cylinders
  • Dimensions 60"W x 49"H x 32"D


  • Stores 16 - 20 or 30 lb. cylinders
  • Dimensions 60"W x 65"H x 32"D

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  • Product Styles

    Qty. Item # Description Price
    FEJ23001 4 Cylinder Horizontal Locker $700.00 each
    FEJ23002 6 Cylinder Horizontal Locker $1050.00 each
    FEJ23003 8 Cylinder Horizontal Locker $1025.00 each
    FEJ23004 12 Cylinder Horizontal Locker $1695.00 each
    FEJ23005 16 Cylinder Horizontal Locker $1950.00 each