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Manufacturer: Gerson
Gerson® Signature One- Step™ maintenance- free half mask respirators are completely and permanently assembled with cartridges.Filers and filter retainers may be replaced as needed. Ready to use and no spare parts to stock, no cartridges to replace, it simplifies inventory requirements and reduces record keeping necessary for OSHA compliance regarding maintinace and cleaning. The soft, light weight elastomeric facepiece, cradle suspension and easy- adjust headstraps facilitate a proper and comfortable fit. The low profile , swept-back design provides a greater field of vision and allows normal use of glasses or goggles. Complete with hygenic form-guard and re- closeable storage bag help ensure compliance with OSHA storage requirements. Available in three sizes Small, Medium and Large. Completely assembled 1 respirator per bag and 12 repirators per case.

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RP8111R Paintspray/Pesticides Small $16.00 each