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Manufacturer: North by Honeywell
North Gate Valve lockout devices are easy to use and a must for refineries, boiler rooms, or any facility with piping control rooms. The North gate valve lockouts assure that control valves will remain locked in off or on.

  • Find the right Lock for your gate valve lockouts

  • Find out more about the Lockout/Tagout standard with OSHA'S LOTO Tutorial.
  • Product Styles

    Qty. Item # Description Price
    LOVSO2 Gate Valve Lockout 1½" - 2½" $15.00 each
    LOVSO4 Gate Valve Lockout 2½" - 5½" $23.00 each
    LOVSO6 Gate Valve Lockout 5 $32.00 each
    LOVSO9 Gate Valve Lockout 6.5 $38.00 each
    LOVS13 Gate Valve Lockout 10 $46.00 each