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Manufacturer: Sharpe Safety
Ball valve lockout devices are designed to prevent inadvertent, accidental or unintentional activation of a quarter turn type ball valve. Ball valve lockouts fit most major brands of ball valves. They are easy to use and do not require special padlocks to apply. Made from polypropylene plastic. Ball valve lockouts will help you comply with OSHA regulations. Ball Valve Lockouts available in three sizes.

  • Find the right Lock for your ball valve lockout

  • Find out more about the Lockout/Tagout standard with OSHA'S LOTO Tutorial.
  • Product Styles

    Qty. Item # Description Price
    LOBSO1 3/8" - 1.25" Ball Valve Lockout $30.00 / Each
    LOBS02 1.5" - 2.5" Ball Valve Lockout $36.00 / Each
    LOBS03 2" - 8" Ball Valve Lockout $65.00 / Each