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Manufacturer: Haws
Haws 8904 Deck Mount Eye/ face wash with Axion plastic eye/face wash head in Safety Green automatically releases with water pressure (Model SP21). Activated with Squeeze handle that operates a stay open chrome plated brass valve. Universal emergency sign included. Safety Green, per ANSI Z535.1-1991 designating safety and location of first aid and safety equipment. Steady water flow under varying pressures. Hose is 25/32" O.D. and 8' in length and rated at 250 PSI pressure. Chrome plated swivel fitting at one end to facilitate ease of operation. Model 8903 is supplied with an impact and corrosion resistant Noryl plastic deck flange that incorporates guiding key slots for proper positioning of spray heads. Flange is secured to deck with lock nut. Meets ANSI Standard and OSHA rules and regulations relating to this type of product. Units should be tested regularly.

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FKE8904 Dual Head Eye/Face/Body Spray $475.00 each