Manufacturer: D-sign
Make sure that both English and Spanish speaking employees and Vsitors get the same message when workplace hazards are present. PELIGRO - NO FUMAR ..... (Danger - No Smoking).....signs are available in a variety of materials,...Aluminum,..... Fiberglass,...Rigid Plastic,...Pressure Sensitive Vinyl, and Magnetic. Standard sizes include.. .10"x7", ...14"x1 0".Custom signs up to 48" x 48" are available.

Product Styles

Qty. Item # Description Price
SSM0014PB No Fumar Bilingual 14"x10" Vinyl $6.00 each
SSM0014RB No Fumar Bilingl.14"x10" Plastic $8.00 each
SSM0014P No Fumar Bilingual 10"x7" Vinyl $5.00 each
SSM0014R No Fumar Bilingl. 10"x7" Plasti $7.00 each