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Manufacturer: Justrite
Safety Drum Funnels large mouth allows fast dumping while minimizing spills. Hinged cover reduces spread of vapors. Models 08205, 08207 and 08208 have fusible-link actuated covers and brass liquid tubes. Funnels are steel with durable powder coat paint finish.

Product Styles

Qty. Item # Description Price
FEJ08203 Funnel w/6" Flame Arrestor $630.00 each
FEJ08205 Funnel w/32" Flame Arrestor $275.00 each
FEJ08207 Funnel w/6" Flame Arrestor $180.00 each
FEJ08208 Funnel w/33" Flame Arrestor $288.00 each
FEJ08201 Small Funnel for 5 Gal Pails $85.00 each