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Manufacturer: Sharpe Safety
Classic 3pc Rain Suit & Coat series is our most popular rain wear family. Classic suit offer a 35 mil. PVC on a polyester broadloom fabric. Classic Rain Suit features plastic snaps that will not rust or corrode, nylon pull-string on the detachable hoods and at an excellent value. Classic Rain Suit has a 30" jacket with detachable hood and bib pants. The Rain Coat is 48" long and has a detachable hood. Classic Rain Jacket and hood offer two front pockets with rain flap.

Our most popular series

Product Styles

Qty. Item # Description Price
RS200S 3-Piece Suit Small $14.00 each
RS200M 3-Piece Suit Medium $14.00 each
RS1220L 3-Piece Suit Large $14.00 each
RS1220XL 3-Piece Suit XLarge $14.00 each
RS1220XXL 3-Piece Suit XXLarge $15.00 each
RS200XXXL 3-Piece Suit XXXLarge $16.00 each
RS200XXXXL 3-Piece Suit XXXXLarge $17.00 each
RS200-5XL 3-Piece Suit 5XLarge $19.00 each
RS200-6XL 3-Piece Suit 6XLarge $21.00 each
RS240S 48" Coat w/Hood Small $14.00 each
RS240M 48" Coat w/Hood Medium $14.00 each
RS240L 48" Coat w/Hood Large $14.00 each
RS240XL 48" Coat w/Hood XLarge $14.00 each
RS240XXL 48" Coat w/Hood XXLarge $15.00 each
RS240XXXL 48" Coat w/Hood XXXLarge $16.00 each
RS240XXXXL 48" Coat w/Hood XXXXLarge $17.00 each