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Manufacturer: Gerson
Gerson's 9000 series half mask is a soft lightweight elastomeric face piece. Cradle suspension and easy-adjust head straps facilitate proper and comfortable fit. A Low profile, swept-back design provides greater field of vision and allows normal use of glasses or goggles. Gerson half mask is complete with hygienic Form-Guard and re-closeable storage bag to ensure compliance with OSHA storage requirements. Form Guard maintains respirator shape and cleanliness, enabling continued proper fit and longer life. Easy to Clean and compatible with all signature series cartridges, stacked combination Cartridges and Filters, . Available in three sizes: small, medium, and large.

Product Styles

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RPG9100 Gerson Half Mask Small $12.00 / Each
RPG9200 Gerson Half Mask Size Medium $12.00 / each
RPG9300 OUT OF STOCK Gerson Half Mask Large $12.00 / Each