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Manufacturer: Sharpe Safety
SDS binders are made of a tough flexible yellow vinyl for durability in all environments. Binders come standard with a chain to keep them at one location where workers can find them easily. Binders are available with three different ring sizes, 1½", 2½", and 3". Their are two different styles of binders, Standard and Job Site. The Job Site SDS binder combines portability and convenience. Handles fold in for storage and flip out for carrying. It has two sets of 1" nylon rings and will hold approximately 400 sheets. Job Site MSDS binder size is 12"H x 14"W x 4½"H.


  • 2022 Jobsite MSDS binder
  • 2023 1½" MSDS Binder 275-300 Sheet Capacity
  • 2024 2½" 400-500 Sheet Capacity
  • 2025 3" 600 Sheet Capacity
  • 2026 1½" Bilingual MSDS Binder

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  • Product Styles

    Qty. Item # Description Price
    CPP2023 1.5" SDS Binder $19.00 each
    CPP2024 2.5" SDS Binder $18.50 each
    CPP2025 3\" MSDS Binder 600pg Capacity $24.00 each
    CPP2026 1.5" Bilingual MSDS Binder $14.00 each
    CPP2022 Job Site MSDS Binder $28.00 each
    CPP2028 3" Bilingual Binder $26.00 each