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Manufacturer: Justrite
Self-Closing drum covers provide an inexpensive way to convert open top 30 and 55-gallon drums into fire-safe receptacles for combustible trash. Only a screwdriver and wrench are needed to attach the self closing drum cover to either size drum Drum Cover can be easily removed when the drum must be emptied. A replaceable fusible-link inside the cover melts at 165°F, automatically slamming the cover shut if there's a fire in the drum. Self Closing Drum Covers are steel, with a highly chemically resistant powder coat paint finish. 30-gallon self closing drum cover will fit drums nominally 18¼ inches in diameter. 55-gallon size self closing drum cover will fit drums from 22½ inches to 22¾ inches in diameter.

Product Styles

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FEJ26750 55-Gallon Drum Cover $118.00 each
FEJ26730 30-Gallon Drum Cover $124.00 each