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Manufacturer: Justrite
Vertical drum storage cabinet safely house one or two 30 or 55 gallon drums.(Codes state that not more than 60 gallons may be Class I and II liquids.) All Vertical Drum Storage cabinets are supplied with a single half shelf and are designed to accommodate a drum equipped with a pump or funnel. Vertical Drum Storage cabinets with rollers facilitate movement of heavy drums. Optional ramp with tread design fits securely over sill to make loading drums easier.

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Product Styles

Qty. Item # Description Price
FEJ896200 Vertical Drum 55/Gal. Man.Doors $960.00 each
FEJ896220 Vertical Drum 55/Gal S.C.Doors $1100.00 each
FEJ899100 2-55/Gal.Vertical Drum Man.Doors $1700.00 each
FEJ25932 Steel Ramp f/ Vertical Drum Cab. $295.00 each
FEJ899070 2-30/Gal.Vert Drum Cab.w/rollers $1700.00 each