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Manufacturer: Sharpe Safety
This Traffic Sign Stand is solid as they get. It is made of heavy gauge galvanized square steel stock. Both welded in critical areas for strength and bolted where movement is needed. This Traffic Sign Stand will handle any sign, metal or fabric up to 48 inches. It comes with every attachment needed. There is nothing extra to buy to get flags or signs to fit properly. It stands up to the constant wind from high speed traffic and heavy trucks. The unique design of the spring system is what keeps this Traffic Sign Stand up to the job. Each leg is 4 feet long and adjustable to stay level on shoulders and uneven terrain.The Traffic Sign Stand can be folded into a compact bundle for easy storage. Weight 38 pounds. Meets the NCHRP 350 Standard.

Made in the U.S.A.

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TSSS548UCA Wind Resistant Sign Stand $145.00 each