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Manufacturer: Justrite
Type I safety can style is economically designed with a single spout from which you fill and pour. The Type I safety can is designed for carrying flammable liquids you'll be pouring into containers with wider openings. When you add a funnel/hose attachment you get accuracy for pouring into more restricted openings. Other standard features for the Type I safety can includes a free-flow flame arestor that is FM-tested and reliably dissipates heat to stop flashback ignition. It's double-mesh lamination (a fine mesh screen joined with a course mesh screen) keeps your liquids flowing. State-of-the-art powder coat paint finish resist solvents, acids and alkalies and minimizes the effects of corrosion and humidity.


  • 10301 FM, UL & ULC Approved
  • 10501 FM, UL & ULC Approved
  • 10555 FM, UL & ULC Approved
  • 10801 FM, UL & ULC Approved
  • 10811 FM, UL & ULC Approved
  • 10810 FM, UL & ULC Approved
  • Product Styles

    Qty. Item # Description Price
    FEJ7150100 5 Gal. Red Type I Safety Can $60.00 / Each
    FEJ7150300 5 Gal. Blue Type I Safety Can $78.00 / Each
    FEJ11202Y Clip-On Plastic Funnel $10.00 / each
    FEJ7120100 2 Gal. Red Type I Safety Can $56.00 / each
    FEJ7125100 2.5 Gal. Red Type I Safety Can $58.00 / each
    FEJ7150200 5 Gal.Yellow Type I Safety Can $81.00 / Each
    FEJ11007 Flash Arrestor & Clip f/Can $18.00 each
    FEJ7110100 5 Gal.Yellow Type I Safety Can $53.00 / Each