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Manufacturer: Showa
The Best D-Flex™ is a lightweight, 7-gauge seamless knit glove that represents the latest development in high performance, cut-resistant fiber technology. Best® D- Flex™ gloves offer superior cut protection with a special patented wrapping process that combines space age fibers and stainless steel.


  • Select the size that gives you the right fit, dexterity and comfort. To determine your size, measure the circumference around the palm area. This is your glove size. For example, 7" is equal to a size 7 glove. (XS = 6-7, S = 7-8, M = 8-9, L = 9-10, XL = 10-11)
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    GL917-06 Best D-Flex Glove Sz 6 XtraSmall $14.00 each