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Manufacturer: Showa
Best Value Master gloves provide unequaled value, comfort and flexibility as well as outstanding tactile sensitivity, strength, dexterity and elasticity, our form-fitting 12", 18- mil 100% natural rubber latex. Best Value Master styles feature a self flushing tractor-tread pattern that provides and excellent grip, wet or dry, and encourages run off of fluids often trapped by diamond-shaped embossed patterns. Best Value MasterĀ® gloves resist a wide range of chemicals, including animal fats, caustics, acids, oils, salts, alcohols and detergents. Each Best Value Master glove is air tested to insure quality. Best Value Master gloves are available unlined, either amber (VMU) or blue (VMUP) or flock lined, either yellow (VM) or blue (VMO). The VMU and VMUP are chlorinated to provide extra, case-hardened chemical resistance and to ease donning and doffing. The VM and VMP feature 100%-cotton flocking for added comfort. Best Value Master gloves are available in four sizes for a perfect fit. The Best Value Master gloves may be your best bet for food and poultry processing, canning, lab work, pharmaceutical manufacturing, asbestos abatement, janitorial, general construction, maintenance, fiberglass fabrication and small parts assembly.

Product Styles

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GLVMS Best Value Master 12 $10.00 / dozen
GLVMM Best Value Master 12 $10.00 / dozen
GLVML Best Value Master 12 $10.00 / dozen
GLVMXL Best Value Master 12 $10.00 / dozen