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Manufacturer: Showa
The Original Best Nitty Gritty Glove Sanitized and Made In the USA. Often imitated but never equaled. The Original Best Nitty Gritty glove was the industry's first wrinkle-finished, natural rubber-coated glove. It remains the most cut resistant comfortable, premium-value glove of its class, truly a cut above the rest. An excellent, cost- effective replacement for leather and ordinary rubber-coated gloves. The Original Best Nitty Gritty glove is recyclable and features a soft, five- piece flannel liner which provides greater comfort and flexibility than inferior, jersey-lined look a likes. Its multi dipped, premium natural rubber coating gives you superior cut, abrasion, snag and puncture resistance and extended wear . The outstanding wet and dry grip provided by BEST exclusive, induced self wrinkle finish enhances safety and ease of handling. The Original Best Nitty Gritty glove is available in a variety of styles,including smooth- finished glaziers' and insulated. Chemical- resistant gauntlet styles perform well in a broad range of ketone's, dilute acids, alkalies, and alcohols. For applications complicated by petroleum- based chemicals that normally degrade natural rubber, new nitrile- over dipped styles are available. The Original Best Nitty Gritty Glove may be your best bet for handling sharp-edged objects like glass, sheet metal, scrap metal or tin plate, slippery or smooth materials or abrasive objects like lumber, tile, concrete block and brick. Check for Chemical Resistant Data on the Nitty Gritty™ and other Best® gloves.

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GL66NFW-10 Palm Coated w/Safty Cuff $44.00 / dozen