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Manufacturer: HexArmor
HexArmor® 9014 Sharpsmaster II glove was developed for needle stick hazards.The HexArmor 9014 Sharpsmaster II offers users comfort and dexterity, while keeping cost to a minimum. The needle stick lining is kept dry by a liquid resistant outer coating.

HexArmor 9014 Sharpsmaster II Features

  • Needle Stick Resistant
  • Coated Palm and Fingers
  • Comfortable
  • Actifresh Treated
  • Highest Needstick Resistant in the market
  • Durable and Long Lasting
  • Ideal for multiple applications

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  • Product Styles

    Qty. Item # Description Price
    GL9014-M HexArmor SharpsMaster II Medium $34.00 / pair
    GL9014-L HexArmor SharpsMaster II Large $34.00 / pair
    GL9014-XL HexArmor SharpsMaster II XLarge $34.00 / pair
    GL9014-S HexArmor SharpsMaster II Small $31.00 / pair