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Manufacturer: Gateway Safety
Luminary™ safety glasses by Gateway safety is truly a break from the conventional. The Luminary™ features a lightweight frame and contemporary design that will be a comfortable fit with any eye protection program. Luminary™ has the look, fit, and feel that make it one of the lightest and brightest eyewear solutions in safety eyewear.

Product Styles

Qty. Item # Description Price
SGG19GB76 Luminary Safety Glasses Blue $2.50 / pair
SGG19GB80 Luminary Safety Glasses Clear $2.00 / pair
SGG19GY8M Luminary Glasses Silver Mirror $3.25 / pair
SGG19GB77 Luminary Blk Fr, Orange Lens $2.50 / pair
SGG19GY83 Luminary Glasses Gry /Gray lens $2.50 / pair
SGG19GB0M Luminary I/O lens $2.75 / pair
SGG19GB79 Luminary Clear AF Lens $2.75 / pair