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Manufacturer: Master Lock
491B Large Electrical Breaker Lockout by Master Lock fits most all Large breaker toggles.491b handles both single and double type breakers. Easy to use: just apply, close and lock. Grip tight design gives superior holding power.

491B Large Breaker Lockout Features

  • Grip Tight circuit breakers work with simple thumb turn and clamping handle
  • Patent-pending innovative design effectively lockouts out all styles of breaker toggles
  • Grip Tight combines great strength with universal fit
  • 491B design fits Large Breakers
  • Narrow profile permits side-by-side breaker lockout
  • Compact devices are easy to carry and easy to store
  • Devices accept all American Lock and Master Lock safety padlock shackles and lockout hasp diameters
  • Durable construction with powder coated steel and reinforced polymer for operation in harsh environments.

    491B Mounting Instructions

    Find out more about OHSA's Lockout/tagout standard with LOTO Tutorial.

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    LOM491B 491B Large Breaker Lockout $9.50 each