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Manufacturer: Allegro
Allegro introduces easy to order, easy to use Complete Ventilation Systems including all the most-asked-for equipment you need for your confined space site. The systems include a choice of Allegro's most popular blowers, six feet and fifteen feet of ducting with a storage bag, a Saddle Vent, a 90 degree Elbow, and a Universal Mount. The Axial Blower Systems offer lightweight portability with the highest output available from axial-style blowers. See individual blower descriptions for CFM, weight and other specifications. Saddle Vent is a registered trademark of Air Systems International, Inc.; the Saddle Vent device is protected by U.S. Patent Nos 4,794,956, 4,982,653, and foreign patents.

Product Styles

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CSA9520-06 Allegro 9520 DC Ventilation Sys $960.00 each
CSA9520-14 Allegro 9520 AC Ventilation Sys $940.00 each