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Manufacturer: HexArmor
HexArmor® 8" Arm Guard 8T will help protect your forearm from bites, scratches, knives, glass, and even needle sticks! HexArmor Arm guard will not fall down like typical knit sleeves. Spandex wrist insert with thumb hole. Compatible with most gloves. Ambidextrous, sold individually. Protective materials are made in the United States.

Product Styles

Qty. Item # Description Price
CLHAG8TW-M HexArmor 8" Arm Guard Medium $32.00 each
CLHAG8TW-L HexArmor 8" Arm Guard Large $32.00 each
CLHAG8TW-XL HexArmor 8" Arm Guard X-Large $32.00 each
CLHAG8TW-S HexArmor 8" Arm Guard Small $32.00 each