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Manufacturer: HexArmor
HexArmor 6044 Point Guard X Glove is the ultimate in needle stick prevention. Gloves work great for baggage search, correctional pat-downs, and recycling operations. Point Guard X is the only product on the market to provide significant needle protection without sacrificing dexterity. In addition to puncture and sharps resistance, the cut resistance provided in the PointGuard X glove is very high, equivalent to more than 4 times the cut resistance provided by DuPont KEVLAR. 6044 Point Guard X gloves are designed to be compatible with a disposable outer glove to provide extra durability. Protective materials are made in the United States

Product Styles

Qty. Item # Description Price
GL6044-S HexArmor PointGuard X Glove Sm $64.00 / pair
GL6044-M HexArmor PointGuard X Glove Med $64.00 / pair
GL6044XS HexArmor PointGuard X Glove XS $64.00 / pair