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Manufacturer: American Lock Company
AMERICAN A1105 Aluminum lockout locks are lightweight, corrosion resistant, and tough. Available in three distinct colors with a anodized finish for Lockout Tag out safety. Case hardened, triple plated chrome shackles and cover plates. Aluminum American locks are an ideal choice for harsh environments or great for any lockout program.

Locks listed are Keyed Different. 1½" wide body and 1" tall Shackle.

Product Styles

Qty. Item # Description Price
LOA1105RED A1105 American Lock Red,1" Shackle Height $11.00 each
LOA1105BRN A1105 American Lock Brown, 1" Shackle Height $11.00 each
LOA1105PRP A1105 American Lock Purple, 1" Shackle Height $11.00 each
LOA1105BLU A1105 American Lock Blue, 1" Shackle Height $11.00 each
LOA1105BLK A1105 American Lock Black, 1" Shackle Height $11.00 each
LOA1105GRN A1105 American Lock Green, 1" Shackle Height $11.00 each
LOA1105YLW A1105 American Lock Yellow, 1" Shackle Height $11.00 each
LOA1105CLR A1105 American Lock "Silver" 1" Shackle Height $11.00 / Each