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Manufacturer: Miller by Honeywell
Miller 496 Grip concrete anchor is a reusable anchorage connector for fall protection. Designed for single user fall protection applications. A safe 5,000 lb.anchor point is established by drilling a ¾-inch diameter hole in cured concrete and inserting the Miller Grip anchor. (This unit is color-coded green to indicate fall protection use only.)

A variety of connecting devices including a shock-absorbing lanyard or self-retracting lifeline can be attached to the Miller Grip.

  • The reusable Miller Grip anchor can be removed and simply re-installed in a new location? Designed for vertical or overhead/ceiling surface applications
  • Constructed of stainless steel, aluminum and other non-corrosive materials for a longer service life
  • Designed for use in cured concrete with a compression strength of at least 3,000 psi
  • Color-coded to differentiate fall protection from multiuse models per OSHA regulations

    Miller Grip 496 Anchorage Video

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    FPM496 Miller 496 Grip Concrete Anchor ¾" $130.00 / each