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Manufacturer: Miller by Honeywell
Miller 8183 cross arm anchor strap is designed to wrap around I-beams and other structures forming a secure attachment or Anchor point for lanyards and other connecting devices. Manufactured from 2 inch green nylon webbing for maximum strength, the strap features a 2 inch forged D-ring which slips through a 3 inch D-ring. Standard length is 6 feet.

Miller brand anchorage connectors meet or exceed all applicable OSHA, ANSI or CSA requirements.

Miller Anchorage Connectors are used for securing a connecting device to an anchorage point. It is important to select a proper anchorage point for ultimate safety: The anchorage point should

  • be directly above the worker
  • be easily accessible
  • support 5,000 pounds per worker
  • be located a safe distance above any lower obstacles
  • Product Styles

    Qty. Item # Description Price
    FPM8183 8183/6FTGN, Miller 6' Cross Arm Strap, Green $52.00 each
    FPM8183-3 8183/3FTGN, Miller 3' Cross Arm Strap, Green $44.00 each
    FPM8183-4 8183/4FTGN, Miller 4' Cross Arm Strap, Green $46.00 each
    FPM8183-10 8183/10FTGN, Miller 10' Anchor Strap, Green $65.00 each