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Manufacturer: Marcom
"DOT Compliance Kits" provide the materials needed to comply with the "General Awareness" and "Safety Training" training requirements in the DOT Regulation HM-126F on Handling & Transporting Hazardous Materials. Each Kit contains a Videotape with Instructor's Guide and reproducible Scheduling & Attendance Form, Employee Quiz and required Recordkeeping Forms. Also included are 5 brightly colored Posters and 30 Employee Booklets that support the information in the Video...... General Awareness Videotape & Booklet cover: A Review of the Regulation. Communicating hazards through:.... Labeling, Placarding. Documentation. Recognizing hazardous materials. Where hazardous materials are encountered....Safety Training Videotape & Booklet cover: Hazard Indicators (Labels, Shipping Papers, etc.). Use of PPE. Safe chemical handling. Accident avoidance. Emergency procedures. Spills and clean-up.

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CPK000DGSVEO DOT HAZMAT - General Awareness $275.00 each
CPK000D2SVEO DOT HAZMAT - Safety Training $275.00 each