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Manufacturer: Marcom
Regulatory Compliance has become an on-going activity in virtually all environments. OSHA is actively citing facilities for not complying with their regulations...and many times issuing hefty fines, as well. Insurance companies are also insisting that facilities implement compliance programs in order to keep their liability coverage in force. And employees have become very interested in anything affecting their health and safety. OSHA Compliance Kits" provide the material needed to set up and conduct compliance programs for various OSHA regulations. Each Kit includes a Compliance Manual with a complete "fill-in-the- blank" Written Compliance Program...a Videotape (attractively packaged in a three-ring binder, with Instructor's Guide and reproducible Scheduling & Attendance Form, Employee Quiz and Training Certificates)...5 brightly colored Posters...and 30 Employee Booklets that support the information in the Video. In addition to the above the "RTK" kits also contain a complete Container Labeling System which meets OSHA's Hazardous Chemical Labeling requirements. Kits are available for eight different environments:

Product Styles

Qty. Item # Description Price
CPK000RINVEO RTK for Industrial Facilities $575.00 each
CPK000RAUVEO RTK for Auto Service Facillities $575.00 each
CPK000RBLVEO RTK for Building and Constructio $575.00 each
CPK000RHCVEO RTK for Healthcare Facilities $575.00 each
CPK000RCMVEO RTK for Cleaning and Maintenance $575.00 each
CPK000RHSVEO RTK for the Hospitality Industry $575.00 each
CPK000LABVEO RTK for Laboratory Operations $575.00 each
CPK000FODVEO RTK for Food Retailers $575.00 each