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Manufacturer: Marcom
Safety meeting Kits help maintain a safe and healthy work environment. OSHA has become increasingly aggressive in establishing and enforcing safety and health regulations. Employees are much more concerned with their own safety and health on the job. Workers Compensation and healthcare costs deep growing. And the drive toward achieving more productivity continues. Safety and health training is key to dealing with all of these issue. Safety Meeting Kits are designed to provide all of the items needed to promote and conduct a complete safety meeting. Each Safety Meeting Kit includes a Videotape, 5 Posters and 30 Employee Booklets... all designed to work together. Kits also have reproducible Scheduling & Attendance Forms and employee Quizzes. The Kits reasonable price makes them affordable for even a small facility or department. Let Safety Meeting Kits. solve your safety and health training problems!

Product Styles

Qty. Item # Description Price
CPK000SAAVEM Safety Orientation $195.00 each
CPK000BACVEM Back Safety $195.00 each
CPK000PPEVEM Personal Protective Equipment $195.00 each
CPK000HERVEM Hearing Safety $195.00 each
CPK000R2SVEM Respiratory Safety $195.00 each
CPK000EYEVEM Eye Care and Safety $195.00 each
CPK000HPTVEM Hand and Power Tool Safety $195.00 each
CPK000SLPVEM Slips, Trips and Falls $195.00 each
CPK000HWFVEM Hand, Wrist and Finger Safety $195.00 each
CPK000KLFVEM Forklift Safety $195.00 each
CPK000SSEVEM Safety Showers and Eye Washes $195.00 each
CPK000SHKVEM Safety Housekeeping and Accident $195.00 each
CPK000FPSVEM Fire Prevention and Safety $195.00 each
CPK000OFFVEM Office Safety $195.00 each
CPK000ERGVEM Industrial Ergonomics $195.00 each
CPK000EROVEM Office Ergonomics $195.00 each
CPK000BFAVEM First Aid $195.00 each
CPK000LADVEM Ladder Safety $195.00 each
CPK000VDTVEM VDT Safety $195.00 each
CPK000STRVEM Workplace Stress $195.00 each
CPK000FTWVEM Wellness and Fitness $195.00 each
CPK000HSTVEM Heat Stress $195.00 each
CPK000WINVEM Winter Safety $195.00 each
CPK000MASVEM The ANSI Material Safety Data Sh $195.00 each
CPK000CGCVEM Compressed Gas Cylinders $195.00 each
CPK000MHSVEM Materials Handling Safety $195.00 each
CPK000ELCVEM Electrical Safety $195.00 each
CPK000FALVEM Fall Protection $195.00 each
CPK000DRVVEM Driving Safety $195.00 each
CPK000WLDVEM Welding Safety $195.00 each
CPK000VILVEM Workplace Violence $195.00 each
CPK000AINVEM Accident Investigation $195.00 each
CPK000SAUVEM Safety Audits $195.00 each
CPK000CSTVEM Crane Safety $195.00 each
CPK000RGGVEM Rigging Safety $195.00 each