Manufacturer: Jackson Safety
The Sentry III is a light weight six-point suspension hard hat.It offers a comfortable nylon webbing in the suspension, A Cool-max terrycloth sweatband and universal slots to accommodate welding and face shield accessories. Available in both ratchet and pin-lock styles. Lightweight at only 12.5 ounces.

Product Styles

Qty. Item # Description Price
HDS3WRS Sentry III White w/Ratchet Susp. $12.95 each
HDS3YR Sentry III Yellow w/Ratch. Susp. $12.95 each
HDS3BR Sentry III Blue w/Ratchet Susp. $12.95 each
HDS3HVOR Sentry III HV Orange w/Ratchet $12.95 each
HDS3WRSG Sentry III Gray w/Ratchet Susp. $12.95 each
HDS3RRS Sentry III Red w/Ratchet Susp. $12.95 each